deciding what to draw

i chose 4 things to paint from life. an apple, a pear, a jar, and a plant stem.

emma draws from nature, foods and plants and on multiple occasions food in glass jars.

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experimenting with watercolour after examining emma dibben's work

on the left, this is where i started to replicate Emma's drawings after closely analysing them and watching emma paint on an interview. she expresses that she paints very messily and splatters paint everywhere to create small bloches and splashes of paint here and there. i attempted to paint like her, and i even created small doodles involving food and nature, since it is what she specializes in.

on the left, (watermelon) is an example of emma's work.

a brief walkthrough of painting under emma dibben's influence

The first step is to colour the whole drawing with a yellow base. The yellow helps to create a warm, bright tone that Emma's paintings give off. this is where i begin to add splotches of paint and flick water everywhere.

The next steps are to slowly paint layer by layer, with each layer of paint increasingly enhancing the bright hues of greens and yellows.

Here is the end result. The water droplets build up over the course of painting and have filled up space in the background. I leave out white streaks in the leaves to represent the veins of them. i also use black ink liner to trace out the shape of parts of the stem and the jar, as emma incorporates a thin lineart to compliment her watercolour paintings.

with this stem painting completed, i moved on to paint the 3 other things with my understanding of emma dibben's work.

Completed paintings

Applying Emma Dibben's painting style to fruits, plants and a jar.
This series of fruits and plant is inspired by emma dibben's art style.

End. thank you for viewing.

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